In times of destruction, create something…

“In times of destruction, create something…”  Maxine Hong Kingston

I saw this phrase in an art journal on Youtube. I found it very interesting, and also very challenging.

Times of destruction. Many would say we should take up our weapons and go out and fight. This reminds me of the film War Horse in which a grandfather asked her granddaughter: Who is stronger, the one who goes to the front of the battle to fight, or the carrier pigeon that has to fly over the warfields without stopping and without getting distracted until it reaches its destination?

We have to fly over, over the fields, the seas.

I think that at every moment we are creating, that we don’t like it, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t good. Beauty comes with time, or it doesn’t, here the important thing is the process.

To create in difficult times is a challenge that goes against all the forecasts, it is to go against the current, it is to resist to be consumed, silenced… in a certain way it is also a combat but directed in another way, to other ends.

When we create we join the life that recreates itself again and again.

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